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Crafting Attractive Pens and Other Items
RhinoPlastic and Wood


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Crafting Attractive Pens and Other Items

I have been making pens and other items now for over six years and just love doing it. We attend many craft shows in PA and take about 400 items with us to these shows.

Our more recent items are razors, darts, and mother of pearl pens. We guarantee our items and will fix or replace any item you purchase. 
This is a wood laminated pen with gun metal parts. I really like using gun metal as it brings out many features in the wood or acrylic.

Our Mother Of Pearl pen looks great with silver parts and makes a gift that anyone will enjoy. It has received a lot of attention.

RhinoPlastic and Wood

RhinoPlastic and Wood
I use RhinoPlastic in almost all of my acrylic pens. It is an acrylic which has a three dimensional (3D) look and reflects the light just like jewelry.  It is my intent to eventually add a line of jewelry to my website. At this time we feature nearly 100 different types of wood in our products and 80 different RhinoPlastic colors. See something you like and we will make it for you.
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